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Maintenance of a commercial pool or spa places greater demands well beyond that of a residential pool. Constant usage, strict state regulations or standards and the need to be 100% operational at all times are just a few differences.

ABC Pool & Spa Center is the leader in commercial swimming pool and spa maintenance. We have been proudly serving our Commercial Pool clients in the Southern & Central Maine area since 1962. Some of our clients include ski resorts, hotels, condo associations, physical therapy and fitness centers, hospitals and property management companies.

Offering a professional and knowledgeable staff along with providing expert service is what matters most. Our staff has a combined knowledge of over 150 yrs in pool service to insure our Commercial clients receive the best service available. Our friendly sales and service staff are there to make sure all your questions are answered. ABC Pool & Spa Center is family owned and operated and CPO certified.

Commercial Pool Cleaning Services

As a commercial pool owner and operator, you’ll want to be certain that the water your customers and patrons swim in is safe and clean. Ensuring the safety and beauty of your pool along with maintaining the pool equipment regularly to keep it in optimum working order. ABC Pool & Spa Center offers flexible pool service plans and maintenance options to meet any size company’s needs and budget…Read More

Commercial Liner Renovation

We can replace your liner, coping, patio, straighten bent or bowed walls, smooth out rough or uneven base, leaking pipes, update filtering systems, or whatever is needed to update your pool. Our commercial crews have the know-how and experience to handle any pool situation….Read more

Commercial Pool Care

Five Critical Keys To Commercial Pool Care

1. Circulation
Moving water in all areas of a swimming pool is very important. Bacteria and algae do not grow as easily in moving water as in stagnant water. Moving water ensures that chemicals are properly mixed throughout the pool. If a pool has one problem area that consistently shows algae growth, chances are great that this area lacks adequate water circulation.

2. Filtration
The filter is one of the most important pieces of pool equipment. A clean, properly functioning filter removes visible debris as well as some you can not see. Regardless of the type of filter, normal maintenance is essential and involves three steps:
Physical cleaning to remove loose debris
Chemical cleaning with 23756BPG Filter Cleaner to remove oils and stubborn, caked-on debris
To improve water sparkle and clarity use 23722BPG Concentrated Clarifier.

3. Cleaning
Frequent vacuuming and daily brushing of the pool and pool surfaces can prevent small problems from getting out of hand. Routine use of a skimmer net is helpful in removing floating debris to prevent it from settling to the bottom of the pool. Weekly cleaning of tile borders with 23635BPG Tile Cleaner will prevent water lines, and remove dirt and grease that can harbor bacteria.

4. Chemistry
Sanitize with UV stabilized chlorinating products or with brominating products to kill bacteria.
Oxidize weekly to break down contaminants such as suntan oils, cosmetics, and perspiration. Restore clarity and sparkle to pool water. 22818BPG is a multi-purpose shock that oxidizes, clarifies, buffers and flocculates. Customer can resume swimming in as soon as 15 minutes after application in most situations.
Prevent algae before it becomes a problem with 23083BPG Non-Foaming Algaecide or 23046BPG All-Purpose Algaecide.
Balance water by measuring and adjusting pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness. Water that is out of balance contributes to swimmer discomfort. Sanitizers do not work as effectively in water that is out of balance. Pool/spa equipment and surfaces last longer and perform better when water is in balance.
Prevent metal stains and hard water scale by adding 23901BPG Stain and Scale Protector monthly.

5. Testing
Every pool has a distinct personality so you need to regularly test its chemical characteristics. Most important are the pH and active sanitizer levels. Testing should be done at least twice a day — at the same times each day — while the pump is running. Local health department regulations should be followed on testing frequency and recording of information.

Other Services

  • Major Renovations
  • Equipment Replacement/Repairs
  • Pool Covers
  • Filter Systems
  • Dive Stands and Boards
  • Starting Blocks
  • Tile Replacement and Repair
  • Water Slides and Water Features
  • Pump Systems
  • Equipment Sales/Repairs
  • State Health Code Compliance
  • Coping Replacement/Repair
  • Underwater Leak Detection and Repairs
  • Handrails, Ladders Replacement/Repair
  • Pool Lights/Fixtures Replacement/Repairs
  • Acid/Power Washing
  • Skimmer Replacement/Repair
  • Depth Markers/No Diving
  • Sets Leak Detection
  • Crack Repair
  • Epoxy Injection
  • Drain and Clean

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Current Commercial Clients Include..


Unlike residential swimming pools, commercial pools and spas demand proper maintenance and regular service.