The many benefits to installing an above ground swimming pool include the possibility of increasing your property value, to adding a fun entertaining outdoor activity for friends and family in the summer months, and of course adding aquatic exercise to your daily routine.


When considering adding an above ground pool to your home, here at ABC Pool & Spa Center we’ll help you see the benefits of having an above ground swimming pool and discuss a few things to consider before making your purchase. Our knowledgeable sales staff and installation crew will put you at ease during the entire process. With their 50+ years’ experience you’ll feel confident choosing a local company for your above ground pool purchase. Call us today (207)783-0858. So, are you ready to TAKE THE PLUNGE?


The Optimum Pool features 2-inch thick insulated foam walls, sandwiched between two sheets of high quality, 5052-gauge, aircraft-grade aluminum, which provides unmatched strength and durability. The R-10 insulation allows the pool to maintain a higher water temperature, which also saves pool owners money on heating costs. And of course, the Optimum Pool is protected by a lifetime warranty, even against winter damage!* Speaking of which, the Optimum Pool has been engineered to withstand weather extremes – from the bitter cold and snow of Canadian winters to the heat and blistering sun of the Arizona desert. The Optimum Pool comes with an upscale, contemporary wall pattern that will complement any backyard, which means you just install, fill, and swim. No finishing work is needed no matter which installation method is used. Now every backyard can be transformed into a country club-style retreat, quickly and easily.

Available in 18ft, 21ft, 24ft, 27ft, and 30ft


This Above Ground Pool is a handsome all-aluminum pool that delivers years of value and summer fun! Aluminum construction offers great benefits for your investment including corrosion resistance, total reliability and incredible strength exceeding your expectations. Optional deck also available.

Available in 15ft, 18ft, 21ft, 24ft, 27ft and 30ft dimensions for the Round model.


This Above Ground Pool is elegant and built to last for a lifetime of summer memories! With its Resin & Steel construction, rest assured you will receive corrosion resistance, total reliability and incredible strength.

Available in 15ft, 18ft, 21ft, 24ft, 27ft dimensions.