Round Above Ground Pool is elegant and built to last for a lifetime of summer memories! With its Resin & Steel construction, rest assured you will receive corrosion resistance, total reliability and incredible strength.

Available in 15ft, 18ft, 21ft, 24ft, 27ft dimensions.


  • Resin & Steel construction
  • Heat Treated, Multi Layered Steel walls
  • Optional StarJet Illuminated Waterfall
  • Rugged Resin Ledge
  • Robust Resin Uprights
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Whitewood color integrates well with most decors

Above Ground Pool Kits

Our above ground pools all include our signature Deluxe Pool Package.
This kit includes all everything you need to get your above ground pool up and running including:

  • Deluxe System Starite Modular Filter
  • Complete Vacuum And Maintenance System
  • In-Wall Skimmer
  • In-Wall Return Jet
  • High Grade Composite Deck Or Safety Ladder
  • True 25mil Thick Hung Liner
  • Printed Bottom – Tiled Border Liner
  • Energy Saving Pump With Timer System
  • UL Approved Twist Lock Electrical Plug
  • 7.5″ Coping 8″ Uprights
  • 5 YR Full Warranty – 35 YR Pro Rated Warranty
  • Installation Includes: Washed Sand, Patio Blocks And Ground Leveling Within 6″
  • Can be sold as a self-install Kit